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REFUSION is a fusion of two game genres. The First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy, where you experience top FPS graphics and physics with RTS diversity!
REFUSION brings the best of both worlds together, integrating players with different roles and different levels of gaming in the same place at the same time for a great game-playing experience. Together, these FPS and RTS players create a worldwide living multiplayer game.

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image - Video: REFUSION - The showcase of development status
Video: REFUSION - The showcase of development status
02.04. 2013
We aim to inform you about the REFUSION game status development boost we’ve accomplished so far.
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image - How we create REFUSION #08: Moerlin
How we create REFUSION #08: Moerlin
18.03. 2013
In the new episode of series where we describe creation of ground units we will talk about Moerlin. It was the first unit we created for Skoroman´s race. Moerlin is Skoroman´s answer to Human´s unit Tempelton.
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image - DevDiary_#09
07.03. 2013
Dynamic Water Flow - here you can see our progress with implementing realistic water behaviour into REFUSION.
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REFUSION Arcade Trainer (Flash minigame)
Obtain fancy REFUSION Forest Retreat Screensaver
Support us and be awarded with in-game title
“The Originator”

REFUSION Arcade Trainer - Windows installer

REFUSION Arcade Trainer - Air installer

To run this game you need to have installed the latest version of Adobe Air.